Member success story: Tony shares his transformation story

I wrote Michael an honest, warts and all email when I was at my heaviest. He was the manager of a small gym, but worked on the floor all the time and that’s how I first met him. I was instantly made feel very welcome.
Initially, I paid Michael for personal training sessions but then HE insisted I joined the gym and he was happy to keep a close eye on me throughout the next few months. He basically cut his own income so I could save some cash. That is the mark of the man.

Choosing Michael made all the difference. We agreed on a plan based on my fitness goals and at the same time, it had to be realistic. Michael‘s years of training experience really pointed me in the right direction.

After an initial assessment, Michael provided me with a complete new daily diet plan together with regular contact through emails/texts/phone calls and scheduled social media chats and coffee shop sit-ins.

Michael is a born motivator and his approach and enthusiasm to train with made all the difference in achieving my overall goal.  I lost 10 stone on my journey with Michael’s guidance. We are lifelong friends now.

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