Cardio vs weight training? Run or pump iron to achieve your dream figure?

It’s the age old question – when trying to get fit and lose weight, do we weight train or do cardio?

The debate is a constant one: what should we  do in the gym?

The first rule is to trust your body, do not over train but be prepared to push yourself.

The second rule, enjoy yourself, exercise is not supposed to be a chore. Do something you really enjoying like bodyweight exercises or running. Don’t get on that rower if you really dislike that exercise.

Be conscientious, perfect your form and enjoy your journey and changing body. Don’t be afraid to employ a trainer for a block of sessions. What you learn will stand to you for the rest of your training life.

So to answer the question.  Do both!
Resistance training has an “afterburn” (how long your metabolism is stoked up after exercise” of 24 hours. Personally, when looking to loose weight, I run or walk briskly for 5kms, five times a week.  Running short lengths like up to 5k is extremely beneficial for weight loss. But remember, going for a run does not give you a license to eat anything that is not nailed down when you get home!

I love the weights! It has an afterburn affect of 48 hours.  You feel toned during and after the session. Long, lean muscle tissue burns off more calories per day than untrained couch potatoes whose bodies look like melted candles. If you don’t have any equipment at home, do squats and lunges for legs and press ups for the upper body.  Watch the toning magic happen.

I am always on the other end of a call if you need further advice or instruction on any exercise you are doing that may be causing concern.

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